Soil DNA Extraction Kit (Sox, 50 Samples)

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Sox DNA Extraction Kit

Our Sox Soil DNA Kit employs patent-pending methodology of bead-beating, silica spin columns, and a unique combination of chemistry, resulting in exceptionally high yields of highly purified DNA.

Our Advantages

  • Uses reagents that are less toxic than the traditional phenol-chloroform extraction
  • Removes contaminants e.g. humic acids and compounds that inhibit PCR yielding high-quality DNA
  • No organic solvents and proteinases are used
  • The kit can be stored at room temperature 

Sox has been validated by successful extraction of DNA from diverse soil sample types followed by high-resolution rRNA gene and fungal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) profile analysis.

See the figures below comparing the high quality and high quantity of DNA yields from the Sox DNA Extraction Kit.


Cat. no. 18011_S0

  • Reaction volume of 1-2 ml
  • 250 mg/0.25 g sample size
  • Up to 100 μl elution
  • Room-temperature storage
  • Does not work with isolating DNA from plant tissues
  • Not to be used for RNA extractions


User manual
Safety Data Sheets